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How does interior and exterior vinyl differ?
Interior vinyl is a very thin vinyl that when applied looks like paint on the walls. It has a matte finish. The exterior vinyl has a stickier tack for resisting outdoor elements and enables it to stick better to highly textured surfaces. It has a glossy finish.

When should exterior vinyl be used instead of interior?
Whenever the vinyl is going to be placed outdoors and on highly textured surfaces. Helpful hint: When placing on a highly textured surface or the vinyl doesn’t appear to be adhering warm the vinyl with a blow dryer.

Can you clean the vinyl?
The vinyl can be washed with mild household cleaner.

Do you use interior or exterior vinyl in high humidity areas?
In most bathrooms, the interior vinyl will be sufficient, however in rooms with hot tubs or saunas, exterior vinyl is the better choice.

Can I move a design and re-use it somewhere else?
The vinyl can be easily removed (exterior, you may need to heat it up with a blow dryer), but each design is made of several separate pieces and reapplying the design is not an easy feat. Do not recommend it!

How long does the vinyl last?
Interior vinyl will last for many years as long as the product is not abused. The exterior vinyl if placed outdoors will last for 3-6 years depending on the amount of wear and tear it endures. (If placed on vehicles, do not wash with high pressure washers.)

How much heat can the vinyl handle?
If you are looking to apply the vinyl to something in direct contact of a heat source (a tile used as a hot pad for pans) it is not a good idea. The vinyl will melt and cause problems. Most direct sun and interior applications are okay.

What is the Etched Glass Effect? Is it vinyl?
The etched glass effect is a vinyl that we offer that gives the impression of an etched glass or mirror at a much better price.

What does it mean to purchase an item in negative space?
Purchasing an item in negative space means rather than receiving the design as it look in the catalogs (traditional space) the design is outlined with a box and the design (the letters and enhancements) is removed from the outlined box and the surface you place it on now shows through where the letters and enhancements once were.

How do I remove my design?
For best results use a blow dryer and apply heat when removing a design.