I love Christmas! Families come together under one roof, houses smell of baked goods and Christmas trees, and the food is always delicious (minus that one salad everyone avoids – every family has one of these right?). But, if your Christmas is anything like mine, it also means MORE TOYS! There is a way to avoid the chaos of the can’t-walk-without-tripping-over-a-toy play rooms simply by making a conscious decision to provide a non-toy Christmas list to Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, etc this year. To get you thinking outside the (toy)box, I have started a list of 10 Great Non-toy Gifts to Give your Kids this Christmas list below.

1. DIY Big Ruler Growth Chart. Simply Said makes this project super easy for those of you who like the occasional project, but don’t have a lot of time. Step 1: Go to your local Home Store and purchase a 1″ x 6″ board cut to about 69.5”.  Step 2: Stain the board. Step 3: Apply the Simply Said Growth Chart design (DYC1015) to the finished board. Step 3: mark your child(ren)’s growth using a paint marker or the Simply Said vinyl markers (DYC1015-1). Simply Said designs can be found in our Home Catalog.


2. Kids love to color – especially on walls! Simply Said provides multiple options for Write-On vinyl designs. You can choose from a Write & Wipe dry erase marker option or Chalk Talk vinyl for each design. Simply Said Write-On designs can be found in our Home Catalog.
3. Kids are very proud of the first letter of their name – it is the first thing they start to recognize. Make a proud statement monogram piece that also expresses their current interests. One great boy idea is found here.
4. Bailee LOVES having her name on her bedroom wall and your kids will too! There is nothing more personal for a child than to be able to claim his or her own space. Simply Said offers a variety of girl and boy name designs that can be found in our Home Catalog.
5, 6, & 7. Maybe you have no room for more toys or any STUFF this Christmas, so treat your children to experiences they won’t forget.

Raising Memories Blog has compiled a great list of ideas. Some of our favorite experiences found on this list include: Season Passes to your local zoo or aquatic center, a day out to the theaters, and/or dance or karate lessons. Get creative as to what you “pack” into those Christmas gifts this year.


8. Simply Said offers the perfect gifts for tweenies and teenagers too! One of our favorites is the personalized Printed Deco-Block. Be clever and speak their language with a message of lol:) and let them decorate it with their favorite photos or quotes. The Printed Deco-Block and Deco-Magnets can be found in our Home Catalog.


9. Another DIY project your kids will adore are giant floor pillows. Make one for each kid and you won’t have to worry about them fighting over who gets to sit where. Visit Creative Outpour for instructions on how to create these super cute giant floor pillows.


10. Your child(ren)’s eyes will light up with our DIY Simply Said night lights. Order any Personalized Mini Square design from our Home Catalog and apply it to our acrylic Deco-Block. Put a string of lights inside and watch the finished product sparkle as your child(ren) dose off to sleep.


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