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Our DIY Bundles are a fabulous way to create your very own masterpiece you'll love to display or gift to someone special.  They are also the perfect addition to your next Project Party!

To order you bundle, just place the amount you would like to order in your cart.  We will contact you via email to find out the actual bundles  (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) you would like to order as well as vinyl color.


To promote - simply share the flier below, find out what Project your guests would like to create and wahlah - you have the start to your next Project Party!  Don't forget to allow EXTRA TIME for your Project Party to be shipped.  We will process your orders within 3-5 business days from the date of order, however we can't control how long it takes to ship to you.

As a Designer Club Member you'll receive this bundle at 35% off which means you only pay $19.50 for any one of the bundles found on this flier.  You may charge whatever you like for this project - it will all be dependent on the embellishments/paint/etc. you would like to offer.

We can't wait to see which DIY Bundle you choose from our 8 options below

DIY Bundle comes complete with:

  • Frame: $5.95

  • Vinyl:  $9.95 

  • Board (s): $15.95

    VALUE:  $31.80 - you pay $19.50