Feb 21st 2024

Happy Soon to be Spring!

This is one of my favorite times of year, the weather is getting warmer, more day light, plants and flowers will be blooming soon and it’s time to sprinkle some Spring around our homes – YAY!

WE ARE SO EXCITED to invite you into our home for this year's Spring Home Tour. Sit back, relax and explore all of the ways you can add Spring to your space with these budget friendly ideas featuring my favorite Simply Said products.

When I get ready to decorate for a new season I follow these simple steps!

  • I pull out all of my bins and see what I have to work with.
  • Next…I start researching what’s trending and pick out the trends I like.
  • I gather idea boards on Pinterest for sparks of creativity, then put it all together in my space and my style.

These are the core spaces I like to decorate in my home for each season:


Changing up the wreaths on my door, my doormat, and greenery around my door are simple ways to brighten up my space and make it more inviting for guests. Most of these items I have on hand already and I just change out for the seasons. This year I added Bright Orange to my Spring Décor – one of the fun color trends for Spring 2023! Also, my son goes to UT Knoxville so it’s always fun to display our school pride with UT Orange!

PS: If you like the WELCOME porch sign, you can make your very own using Simply Said Vinyl. Click the image above for full details!

Next up!


Adding a pop of color, a significant piece of décor, new pillows, throws, and Spring florals are all ways you can add new life into your home for Spring!


  1. I change out wreaths for every season in this space. I have a wreath on my mirror; however you could place a wreath on a stand by your fireplace, on an end table or tablescape. This is a fabulous, inexpensive way to add texture, color and softness to your space.
  2. One of the most effective ways to transform a space from season to season is with throws and pillows. My color pallet this year is all the pastels with pops of bright orange. I’m loving the way it looks.
  3. Of course no room would be complete without a few Simply Said Designs to make it personalized. Check out the links here: Jesus Perfect Pallet Petite, Personalized Pillow Hug, Choose Joy Small Talk Square.



If you have a special space that needs a little extra touch, consider our beautiful Hanging Canvases. Light enough to hang anywhere with many designs to pick from that will help you inspire your space. I chose this Hanging Canvas to help celebrate Easter. The wreath, Easter Bunny and Choose Joy Small Talk all add the special feels that only Spring can bring.



How many of you have felt daunted by styling your bookshelf for the changing seasons? Here are some ideas to spark your creativity. From Easter egg filled glass Jars to beautiful family photos and your favorite books - we hope these ideas help you unleash your Spring creativity.



Adding a sweet Simply Said Sign, flowers and adorable fancy Kitchen towels add the perfect Spring touch to your Kitchen space. I grabbed these Kitchen towels for $8 at Marshalls!

Creating a fun centerpiece on your kitchen table and using an accent table are also great spaces to add a little Spring.

I like using the white Rustic Tray from Simply Said to hold napkins and style each season with Spring Decor. Here is some insiraiton to inspire you.


Simple and elegant is what I was going for here. A blank pallet is a great place to add pops of color with pillows, florals and of course our beautiful Simply Said Rustic Tray with our I Love You Most Perfect Pallet Petite.

If you love the Design above the bed, click on photo for link.


Don't forget to neglect the spaces thare are used by everyone - specifically the Powder Room. Adding pops of color with plants and some sweet decor to get a special message across will add some giggles to your space. Click here to check out our "Wash Your Hands" Rustic Framed Art."


A fun way to make family dinners more special are with a beautiful table setting and a special table favor. Our favorite Easter Table Favors are our Talking Sticks. Check out our Talking Stick optionsby clicking here.


If you have a back yard or porch entertaining space, it's always fun to add festive décor to make it come alive. Here's an idea to inspire you.


Simply Said Rustic Dough Bowl filled with your favorite greenery, Easter eggs or cute decor to get your outdoor space hoppin' in no time. Click on image to shop this look.

For more eye candy and decorating ideas, be sure to follow us on Instagram! or SHOP OUR EASTER AND SPRING COLLECTION HERE!

We hope these ideas and a little touch of Simply Said will inspire your Spring!
Cheers to new beginnings